LeafBrand's Shipping Policy

*LeafBrands reserves the right to update our policies as needed to ensure a seamless and secure shopping experience for our valued customers.

Last Updated: 09/29/2023

1. Shipping Methods

The shipping time for packages depends on the carrier, the distance this package is being sent, and what the package contains. All shipping rates are determined by LeafBrand's and Shopify.

If you are granted free shipping, it will be shipped with standard USPS Flat-Rate. Shipping usually takes about 1-4 business days after being fulfilled to arrive depending on the distance.

We ship our products via Fedex or USPS First-Class, Priority, or Priority Express shipping. If you are granted free shipping, it will be shipped with standard USPS Flat-Rate. These orders typically arrive in 5-6 business days, depending on the distance. If your order also contains disposables or cartridges, it will still be sent via FedEx, meaning a signature is required upon delivery.

Once your order is picked up, we do not have control over your package and are not liable for any delays. Please contact FedEx or USPS directly if you have any additional concerns or need additional assistance once your package has been picked up.

2. Shipping Times

Processing times may be extended during holidays, re-stocks, releases, and promotions.

Please keep in mind that orders will be processed in the order that they are placed, purchasing Expedited Shipping does not put your order at the front of the processing queue. Expedited shipping accounts for the time your package takes to arrive after being handed off to the carrier.

Our shipping department is open Monday through Friday. Therefore, orders placed after Friday at 7pm will not be fulfilled until the following week so we encourage your patience and understanding if your order was placed around these times.


You will receive your tracking number once your order has finished being processed and fulfilled. You can find your tracking number via email notifications or on your account page.

Sometimes, if you’re a first-time customer or have any filters set up, your order notifications can be found in your ‘Spam/Junk’ folder. You can adjust this by saving our email address (support@leafbrandsco.com) as a contact in your email platform. If you use the Gmail platform, your order notifications may be delivered to your ‘Important’ or ‘Updates’ folder.

4. Lost Orders

Occasionally, a lost or damaged parcel may delay shipping and delivery. In the event you have not

received an order within 10 business days, we urge customers to speak with the carrier to file a claim. If
the shipping method selected does not include insurance, LeafBrands LLC is not responsible for lost,
damaged, or stolen items.

If you chose First Class Shipping for your order, your package is not
insured and you cannot file a claim with the shipping carrier.

As noted earlier, once we hand your package off to the shipping carrier, we have no control over its whereabouts. You can try to call yourvlocal Post Office, FedEx, or UPS to see if they can help you locate your package.

5. Returned to Warehouse

If there was nobody to sign for your package or an input error of the address and your order is returned to us, you may either have a refund issued OR request to reship the order.

Refunds can take 2-7 business days from when we issue credit for it to return to your financial institution.

5. Cancellations

Unshipped orders can be cancelled for a full refund. For assistance cancelling an unshipped order, please reach out to Help with an order number.

If an order has left our warehouse, the order cannot be cancelled.

8. Contact Us

 support@leafbrandsco.com (Please note that we are not responsible for lost messages) If you have any questions or suggestions about our Shipping Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Local disputes will be handled in Wisconsin courts, national disputes in United States courts.